H i s t o r y



Jonsquill Ministries was founded as a product of necessity. At the time it was conceived I was working in five different ministries. (I knew I was not all that busy, for I had heard D. James Kennedy say he was in eight.)  However, there was a necessity to make a separation between the different things I was doing and the goals and purposes of these various ministries.


For instance, some of the organizations were discomfited by the fact I often wrote commentary on issues in several of the local newspapers. These pieces had drawn a considerable and loyal readership. One local pastor even dubbed me the "conscience of Haralson County" from his pulpit during this time. I took that as a compliment, but some ministries were concerned that they might be identified with some things they saw as political positions. If this would hinder their ability to be able to minister I needed additional tools to separate the various things I was doing. I was already writing secular material for publication under a 'nom de plume' (penname) but this was not practical for some things I was interested in.


Another consideration was that I produce a good deal of material and do research in various areas of Christian endeavor. The need and request of a particular organization often inspire these materials, but the product produced is solely my responsibility even though it is provided to another. When it continues to be the property of Jonsquill Ministries, I then have the ability to make it available for others to use. This increases the ability to be effective. Philosophically, I believe that Christian ministers have a right to live of the Gospel. But, if we are too hard in restricting the use of what God has enabled us to produce we just might one day find out He did not appreciate that attitude. We are not our own and it is The Almighty who gives us the ability to do whatever it is that we can do.


The ministry got its name out of the practice of my mother. She often referred to me as "my son John" when I was a child. She did that as a take off on the old nursery rhyme about the child who went to bed with his stockings on. Then the choice of the quill came in because it is an old fashioned writing instrument for an old fashioned kind of guy. The name John's Quill did not make it past the first week till it was changed into its present form. Though the organizations I work with have changed over the years, Jonsquill still finds reasons for its continued existence after a decade of ministry.


This ministry is not a one-man operation. My brother Timothy does much to maintain equipment and programming. He has been known to even do some of the writing upon occasion. But his main ministry is music. Jonsquill Ministries receives much support from my local church, and survives financially because of people who approve this work and are periodically moved of the Lord to contribute to its expenses. Two women control and organize my time, keeping me on track. The first is my dear wife and companion, and the second is our church secretary, Linda Dennis. There are others who contribute their time and talents as well. Most would rather I do not mention their name for they consider the work they do as being for our Lord Jesus Christ and not the applause of men.


Several years ago, I began writing the Daily Thought and sending it out to people via e-mail. It began in answer to questions friends had asked and always continued to be an interactive effort as the number of recipients grew to a considerable number. We continue to publish nearly every day until the net provider shut us down without any clear explanation. Strangely enough the night before I had been impressed to make a copy of my address book. This was the first time I had done so in many months. But attempts to begin again always came to nothing. But during this time a great many booklets were produced and other projects were completed.


The establishment of an Internet site is a long held dream that has come to fruition through the talented help of Joan Aaron. It is our desire that this latest undertaking will serve to enable us to minister to Christians all around the world.