This information provided to me by Dr. Paul Pettyjohn shows that today’s population is both consistent with the Creation model of how things began and demonstrates the humanists lie that the world is overpopulated. Of the second argument I would also note that world overpopulation has been a claim by various groups for some two hundred years. It was a lie when it was first told and it is a lie now.




I.  Even evolutionists will agree with creationists that there are about 6.3 Billion people on earth today (Note:  6.3 x 109 is the mathematical shorthand way of writing 6.3 Billion).


II.  Per evolutionary theory, man (homo sapiens) has been around for about 500,000 years.


III.  The commonly accepted mathematical formula to represent population growth is:


P = P0 ert

where               P = current population

P0 = beginning population

e = a constant value, approximately 2.718

r = the annual rate of population growth (annual percentage divided by 100)

t = the time in years since the beginning



IV.  Now, using the above formula we can make certain assumptions as to beginning population and the annual rate of growth and determine how long it took to reach the current level of population.  The goal is to determine which is more reasonable – the assumptions of evolutionists or the assumptions of creationists.  [Note that the average growth rate estimated from recorded history is 0.455% per year, including the negative effects of plagues, wars, and disasters.]


V.  Scenario 1:   Assume 2 humans started 500,000 years ago with an annual growth rate = 0.455%


            This would yield a current world population equal to:  2.155 x 10988


            There would not be enough room in the entire universe to hold all those people!


VI.  Scenario 2:  Assume 2 humans began 100,000 years ago with only 0.1% growth rate (lower growth rate than ever observed):


            This would yield a current world population equal to:  5.38x1043


            The earth would have to be 50 trillion times larger just to contain that many bodies!


VII.  Scenario 3:  Assume 2 humans began 25,000 years ago with only 0.1% growth rate


            This would yield a current world population equal to:  1.44x1011


            This value is still 24 times larger than the present world population.


VIII.  Scenario 4:  Assume the Bible is right and that 8 people began about 4,500 years ago (after the flood) with a 0.455% normally expected growth rate


            This would yield a current world population equal to:  6.3x109


            This equals today’s population!



IX.  Is the world large enough to hold us all?


            Given a population of 6.3 Billion people:


            1.  Assume each person takes up 3 square feet, then 18.9 Billion sq ft is needed.

                        Then all 6.3 Billion people would fit in a circle 29.4 miles in diameter.

                        This is roughly the size of Haralson and Carroll counties combined.


            2.  Assume each person lives in a house with 1500 sq ft.

                        Then all 6.3 Billion homes would fit in a circle 657 miles in diameter.

                        This is 339,017 sq miles which is less than the area contained in the 7 southern states of

GA, FL, AL, MS, TN, SC, and NC (minus 3629 sq miles).


            3.  Just the state of Texas has enough space to provide 1182 sq ft per person


4.  The world, excluding Antarctica, contains 51.224 Million square miles of land area.  That is equivalent to 5.2 acres per person today.


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