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Every month in the life of the nation of Israel, this tiny nation is subjected to unprecedented abuse from the world. No nation has ever known the animosity of so many people for so little obvious reason for so long. To make matters worse, they also have to deal with terrorism from within their own boundaries This booklet will attempt to chronicle a little of the terrorist activity that has taken place during the month of October 2002, but primarily to provide some other pertinent information as well.

I will begin this booklet with some portions, excerpts, editing, and condensing of an article written at the beginning of the month in question. I hope what is presented here will be useful to the reader.




"Media coverage of the Middle East has always been deficient in one area: Foreign correspondents have forever ignored the mosque and what the Imams are telling their congregations."

            The writer points out that Arab government have spokesmen who give correspondents what they want them to know. Because the Friday mosque sermons are in Arabic, and the correspondents do not get the messages the greatest source of the  real political opinion goes unreported to Western audiences.


"It should be remembered that the taped sermons of the exiled Imam Khomeini smuggled into Iran for years finally culminated in a revolution that dethroned the shah in 1979 and transformed a shaky ally into an unswerving enemy."

            The implication is that if you want to know what is really going on in the Middle East, then you have to pay attention to what is going on in the mosques.[2]


The sermons delivered in the main mosques of Saudi Arabia are available on a Saudi-based website (Alminbar means "pulpit" in Arabic.) The Web site, created in July 1999, is reportedly visited weekly by some 3,000 imams from 62 countries and territories.

      Those supporting Saudi "peace" proposals should read these Saudi mosque sermons, with their savage attacks on Jews and Christians. It would help explain why 15 of the 19 terrorists who brought down the World Trade Center and crashed into the Pentagon were Saudi citizens. These mosques are supported financially by the Saudi government in the name of Wahabism, a highly orthodox version of Islam.

            "The majority of sermons discuss Christians and Jews concurrently and disparagingly. However, some sermons specifically target Christians and Christianity…" In a sermon delivered at the Al-Salaam mosque in Al-Unayzah, Sheikh Abd Al-Muhsin Al-Qadhi said:

"Today we will talk about one of the distorted religions, about a faith that deviates from the path of righteousness. about Christianity, this false faith, and about the people whom Allah described in his book as deviating from the path of righteousness. We will examine their faith, and we will review their history, full of hate, abomination, and wars against Islam and the Muslims."

      Appeals for interreligious harmony are a particular target of Friday preachers. Sheikh Adnan Ahmad Siyami in a sermon at a Mecca mosque lashed out at Pope John Paul's recent visit to Syria as an attempt to "facilitate the conversion to Christianity in Muslim lands."[3]

      Another target of the Saudi Mosque is U.N. Secretary-General Kofi Annan. Sheikh Sa'd Bin Abdallah Al-'Ajameh Al-Ghamdi in a sermon delivered at the Sa'id Al-Jandoul mosque in Al-Taif said:

"It shocked me to read and hear about the audacity of the 'Betrayer-General' of all nations [a reference to the U.N. secretary-general], who by affiliation and loyalty is a combination of a Jew and a Christian and leads the people to hell. He called to stop the incursion of this disease called AIDS - although two months earlier he had contradicted this call when, in stupidity and brazenness, he led the nations calling for permissiveness that causes this disease. He called for permitting adultery and spreading acts of abomination and homosexuality, which is a sexual perversion, and even invited this kind of people to a conference in order to call for permitting them marriage of the third kind."[4]

      A common sermon theme is jihad and why, said Sheikh Mohammed Saleh l-Munajjid, "Muslims must educate their children to jihad" (Thus we see that their own rhetoric is the greatest demonstration that everything they say about Jihad being primarily an internal struggle with the self is a lie. -editor)

"This is the greatest benefit of the situation: educating the children to Jihad and to hatred of the Jews, the Christians, and the infidels; educating the children to Jihad and to revival of the embers of Jihad in their souls. This is what is needed now."

      The underlying theme of most of these sermons is that Israeli-Palestinian peace can never be accepted by the mosque. In a sermon at the Suleiman Bin Muqiran mosque in Al-Riyadh, Majed'Abd Al-Rahman Al-Firian said:

"The modern countries of Kufur [that is, Western countries] have realized that the [Palestinian] Authority that speaks today on behalf of the Palestinian cause has not waved the banner of Islam, and its goal is to establish a secular state. Therefore, they protect it and prohibit attacking it, as [this authority] is the one that will give them concessions when they pressure it.  There is a deep-rooted solution to the conflict: intifada and jihad for the sake of Allah.  Today, the Islamic nation already knows that the Holy Land will not be liberated by dallying at vacation sites or sitting around the negotiating table with infidels. The solution is to do what the Prophet did to the Jews when they violated the agreements.  The solution regarding the Jews is as the Prophet Mohammed said: 'I have brought slaughter upon you.'  Yes, the solution for these is not peace and harmony.  Jihad, not peace, is the solution."


These are sermons in Saudi mosques. Imagine the Friday homilies in Syria, Iraq, Iran, Lebanon and other Arab countries.


JERUSALEM REPORT October 5, 2002 29 Tishrei 5763




by Gary Cooperburg,[5]

Israeli/American resident of Hebron

We are living in times of crisis. The horror of 9-11 has succeeded in terrorizing the free world. The fact that we are living in a world of vast technological advances only serves to confuse us even more. Mankind has possession of the kinds of weapons which are capable of destroying our planet. If there are people who are prepared to give their own lives in order to murder others, and we know that this is the case, then we are certainly in big trouble. Despite Israel's relative success in stopping most attempted suicide murderers in our country, such a feat borders on miraculous. It is virtually impossible to stop a murderer who doesn't care if he survives, or worse, actually wants to die murdering others.

Most Americans really do not understand what all this terrorist stuff is all about. Why in the world should anyone in their right mind want to crash a plane into a building, deliberately murdering thousands of innocent people as well as themselves? It makes no sense. But that is exactly what terrorism is all about. If you don't have any idea why or when or where or even how the next terror strike will occur, how can you not be scared out of your mind? Of course the first reaction is that we will strike back and destroy those who dare think to do such things. But can anyone honestly think that even should we wipe Afghanistan off the map that this will stop terror? Once it seems evident that we cannot destroy the source of terror, the next psychological affect is to try and figure out what it is that the terrorists want so we can give it to them in order to stop this horror.

This is what is going on in Israel too. The difference here is that our terrorists live with us every day. They have made it clear that they want our country. Our leaders are afraid to either remove or destroy our enemies, which is the surest way to stop terror, for fear that we will be accused of being 'undemocratic', thus jeopardizing our relationship with the United States and other western nations. So we have set our own precondition that we cannot destroy or remove our enemies! We live with terror and are prepared to do almost anything to stop it. If we have decided that we cannot destroy terror, then our only other choice, aside from outright suicide, is to try and placate the terrorists by making a deal to give them at least part of what they want in the hope that they will leave us alone. This has been Israeli policy and the basis of the Oslo fiasco. What we have failed to learn is that our enemies are prepared to have us make compromises as a first installment which they intend to see continue until we have weakened ourselves enough so they can destroy us.

There are a great many political movements in Israel which have been sufficiently terrorized to have fallen into the trap of thinking that there is a way to compromise with murderous terrorists. Thus terror has succeeded in creating a far more formidable enemy within the Jewish State and even within our own government! Islam has learned that democracy can be used as a tool to destroy democracy. That lesson is now being employed in the United States.

If Americans can be terrorized; if they can be made to fear that there is no way to destroy those who are prepared to murder Americans, then the next step is to try to placate the terrorists. Everyone knows that the source of terror is Islam. All of the Arab nations, even those allegedly at peace with Israel, seek to destroy Israel. America is seen as an ally of Israel. The time is coming, and it will be sooner than you think, when there will be tremendous political pressure within the United States to abandon Israel. Powell has already promised to build a PLO state on Jewish soil in the futile hope to appease Islamic terror! [6]

The bottom line here is faith in G-d. If we cannot muster enough faith in the True Living G-d of Israel to stand with His Truth even in the face of terror, then we are finished. Although the modern state of Israel, on the surface, is trying to be a copy of the United States, ironically the United States was founded upon principles which emulated those for which the Jewish State was reborn! The founding fathers of the United States were religious men who truly believed in G-d and in the Bible. It was this spirit of serving G-d which made America different and enabled her to flourish.

Today America has become a super power with the highest standard of living in the world. She has allowed her affluence to seduce her away from the G-dly principles which once guided her. Honesty and the will to sacrifice for G-dly principles have been replaced with embezzlement, greed and immorality. Forgotten are the slogans, 'Millions for defense, but not one cent for tribute'; 'I only regret that I have but one life to give for my country.'

The test for the survival of the United States is coming. Will America sell her future existence to the Devil of Islam? Or will she display the kind of moral fibre which enabled her to reach the status she has achieved today? Will she find the strength of faith in G-d to stand with Israel against the Moslem worshipers of the Moon? It is not an easy test.

The Islamic nations control an enormous amount of wealth, and have made huge investments in the United States. They have infiltrated America and threaten her from within, almost as much as our Moslem population in Israel threatens us! If we are playing a numbers game, which is the backbone of democracy, we are doomed. But if we truly believe in G-d and are prepared to stand with Truth even as a minority, then we will prevail.



JERUSALEM REPORTs October 7, 2002 1 Cheshvan 5763



Soldiers backed by tanks and helicopters raided a Hamas stronghold in the Gaza Strip town of Khan Yunis Monday morning, killing 12 Palestinians and wounding 110, in the deadliest Israeli strike in three months. The dead ranged in age from 14 to 52. The target of the predawn raid, the Amal neighborhood, was not chosen randomly but pinpointed as a known Hamas hotbed, and was targeted in response to a growing number of Kassem rocket firings and mortar attacks on Israeli communities in Gaza's Gush Katif. An IDF commander said many of those killed were gunmen, but acknowledged there may have been civilian casualties.[7]

Hamas spokesman Abdel Aziz Rantisi published a statement today calling for revenge attacks in response to the IDF raid in Khan Yunis. Such pronouncements never take into consideration the fact that it was there own murderous activities that prompted the Israeli Defense Force action. -ed. According to Israel Radio, the statement says "All Israelis are murderers, there is not a single innocent one among them." This speech served to highlight the difference in Israeli and Palestinian leadership attitudes toward people who are not involved in the terrorist activities. Rantisi also denounces any Palestinian who considers negotiating with Israel as criminals, the radio said.


Masked gunmen killed the commander of the Palestinian riot police in a shooting attack on his car in Gaza City Monday, witnesses said. The victim was identified as Colonel Rageh Abu Lehiya, 47. Israel Radio said he was close to deposed senior PA security official Raji Jibali and had been accused by some Palestinians of corruption. The body was taken to Shifa Hospital in Gaza City. There was no immediate claim of responsibility for the killing. For Yasser Arafat this provides an effective way of removing potential competition from the scene.

DF troops also apprehended 16 suspected terrorists in the Judea and Samaria regions. According to Israel Radio, eight of the suspects were arrested in Hebron. The suspects have been brought to the Shin Bet, Israel's general security service, for questioning.



 A gag order has been lifted, permitting the publication of the arrests of three Israeli Arabs from Ramle who were planning terror attacks including the kidnapping of a soldier. The suspects were taken into custody ten days ago and are in the custody of the GSS (General Security Service – Shin/Bet). Two of the suspects in custody are reportedly members of the Abu Hubeisa family.

The three were working with an agent of Hamas master terrorist Mohammad Deif, and planned a series of attacks, including the placement of bombs at soldiers hitchhiking posts and the kidnapping and murder of a soldier from Bilu Junction in the Rechovot area. They are also alleged to have gathered intelligence information on an air force officer who lives in the Modi'in region, and passed that information to Deif's agent.

At the time of their arrest, chemical agents used in bombs were found in their possession, including acetone. Police and GSS agents also found papers believed to be instructions from Deif on the assembly of a bomb and the construction of silencers for weapons.[8]



JERUSALEM REPORT October 8, 2002 2 Cheshvan 5763



                Defense Minister Binyamin Ben-Eliezer said that all but one of the 14 Palestinians killed in an assault on a Hamas stronghold in the Gaza Strip were armed. "They were all terrorists with long resumes," he said during a visit to Eilat, "except for one innocent elderly woman." More than 100 Palestinians were wounded in the raid Monday, which brought a hail of world criticism, including from the US which counseled the IDF to "exercise the utmost discipline and avoid harm to civilians."[9]

Ben-Eliezer angrily rebutted visiting European Union foreign policy chief Javier Solana for his words of condemnation. "I advise you to verify the details with Israel before you publicize your reaction to IDF operations," he reportedly told Solana in a telephone conversation. The defense minister said he plans to release further details of the suspicions against 13 of the victims on Tuesday. Prime Minister Ariel Sharon told Solana and the International Red Cross that the IDF had no choice but to use heavy force to extricate soldiers who had come under heavy sniper fire, while trying to arrest two terrorist suspects in a building in Khan Yunis. Sharon said Israel regrets the loss of innocent life, but that the responsibility lies with the terrorists who use civilians as human shields. He also said the action in Khan Yunis was necessary because Israel has come under constant mortar attacks from the area.

Israel has told the U.S. that an IDF invasion of Gaza "is a matter of statistics and time," because as terror attacks mount in the Strip - mostly against settlements - "Israel will be forced to act." The message was delivered by a senior defense establishment official during recent talks with his American counterpart.


JERUSALEM REPORTs October 9 2002 3 Cheshvan 5763



The father of a young Palestinian who carried out a suicide bombing in Israel has written a letter to the editor of the London Arabic-language daily Al-Hayat, blasting the practice of suicide bombing and urging the terror-group leaders and sheikhs to send their own sons to their deaths. The letter by Abu Saber M.G. was translated by the Middle East Media Research Institute, or MEMRI, an independent, nonprofit organization that translates and analyzes the media of the Middle East. "I can find no better words with which to begin my letter than the words of Allah, in his precious book (the Quran): 'Act for the sake of Allah, and do not throw yourselves to destruction with your own hands,'" wrote Saber. "I write this letter with a languishing heart and with eyes that have not ceased weeping. We must, today more than at any other time, obey this Quranic verse, act for the sake of Allah, and refrain from carrying out acts that will throw us to destruction."

Saber mentions that his son's friends persuaded him to carry out the bombing and that they now were after the bomber's brother for the same purpose. "Four months ago, I lost my eldest son when his friends tempted him, praising the path of death. They persuaded him to blow himself up in one of Israel's cities. When the pure body of my son was scattered all over, my last signs of life also dispersed, along with hope and my will to exist. Since that day, I am like [an] apparition walking the earth, not to mention that I, my wife, and my other sons and daughters have become displaced since the razing of the home in which we lived. ( It is VERY interesting to note that nowhere in his letter does this father condemn Israel for the loss of his home. He only comments that it happened, but blames his own leaders.)

"But the last straw was when I was informed that the friends of my eldest son the martyr were starting to wrap themselves like snakes around my other son, not yet 17, to direct him to the same path toward which they had guided his brother, so that he would blow himself up too to avenge his brother, claiming 'he had nothing to lose.'"

Saber then questions the legitimacy of the leadership of Hamas and Islamic Jihad: "I ask, on my behalf and on behalf of every father and mother informed that their son has blown himself up: 'By what right do these leaders send the young people, even young boys in the flower of their youth, to their deaths?' Who gave them religious or any other legitimacy to tempt our children and urge them to their deaths?" He then asks them "Why don't you send your own sons to die?"[10]




PLO leader Yasser Arafat signed into PA law a resolution proclaiming the entire city of Jerusalem the capital of a future Palestinian state. PA parliament chief Abu Ala said that the move comes in response to the recent US Congressional resolution calling on the US State Department to recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s capital. During Israeli-Arab negotiations over the past several years, Palestinian Authority officials have called for the establishment of a Palestinian state with only “East Jerusalem” as a capital. It is now felt that Arafat has revealed his true intentions. (Arutz 7) [11]



(Reporter: Lesley Stahl)

                When the Israelis surrounded Yasir Arafat's compound in Ramallah earlier this year to dismantle the Palestinian Authority and confiscate weapons, they also sent in intelligence collection teams to scoop up top-secret files. What they were looking for was proof of Arafat's personal involvement in terrorism, but that was the least of what they found. What they found, was a paper trail of terror leading from both Iran and Iraq.

The Israelis claim that they now have proof that the supposedly homegrown Palestinian uprising known as the Intifada is neither an uprising, nor homegrown. It is, they claim, violence planned, funded and directed largely from Iran and Iraq, and they showed some of the documents they seized to make their case. Ido Hecht, a senior Israeli intelligence official, told said that the Israelis have caught and interrogated members of a Palestinian terrorist cell who admit they were trained in Iraq by Iraqis this past June.

They also found firearms of various types, RPG, anti-tank rockets, instructions on how to manufacture explosives, and how to make those explosives into actual bombs. And most alarmingly, he said, they were taught how to shoot down an airliner. Sources say they were operating in the area of Ramallah. Ramallah is next to Ben Gurion International Airport, so the obvious target would be a civilian airliner. He also said the group was recruited by Abul Abbas, the notorious international terrorist of the 1970s and '80s who Saddam Hussein has reactivated in Baghdad. One document that Israel captured has Arafat's signature on it, providing money for 50 members of Abul Abbas' organization, assuring that there is a connection.

Something else the Israelis say they discovered in the Arafat documents: That Saddam Hussein has been using the Palestinian Authority as a middleman in his illegal selling of oil. The money was then used to buy weapons and many more that were seized by Israel from a cargo ship in January, everything from rockets to land mines; machine guns and guided missiles run remotely with a joystick. Just as troubling were the tons of explosives, knowing that one suicide bomber takes just 20 kilos (44lbs. -ed.).

Iraq is a threat, but Israel considers Iran an even bigger and more immediate threat. That's because of its links to various terrorist organizations like Hezbollah. On an Israeli army post in the north, only a stone's throw from positions manned by Hezbollah guerillas, rockets are fired into Israel from southern Lebanon. Hezbollah are said by the Israelis to be owned and operated by Iran. But what they're doing along the border is only part of the picture. Iran supports other militant organizations inside Israel and the territories. The captured documents in Arafat’s compound spell out how much money Iran spends to do that, anywhere from $400,000 to $700,000. Thousands of Palestinians have been trained in Iran for suicide missions, explosions, and diving lessons. Terrorists in the Gaza Strip have been trying to get into Israel proper through the sea.

Iran also provides training and funding to Islamic Jihad, fronted partly by Haj Ali Safuri, who said, “I did arrange martyrdom operations inside the territory of Palestine. I don't dispute any of that.” Haj Ali is now in this maximum security Israeli prison. Israel says he is a terrorism mastermind who has set in motion at least 10 suicide attacks.

Arafat’s handwriting was found on the bottom of documents organizing these attacks. An Israeli colonel said, What we have here is a document which says, for the Iranians, is, 'Let's divert the attention from us, the Iranians.' I think the Iraqi documents say, 'From us, the Iraqis, to the Palestinian issue.' Sadly, I can say that they've almost made it work. I think that the world's attention has been that the Palestinian issue as the problem, and everybody has sort of forgotten that the Iranians fund it, that the Iraqis fund it, that they send in these terrorists and that they train them from afar.”

In recent meetings with the Bush administration, top Israeli intelligence officials also shared evidence about contacts between al-Qaida and senior members of Saddam Hussein's Ba'ath Party. And the Israelis briefed the administration on yet another threat from another country: Libya, they say, is getting close to having chemical weapons and the long-range missiles that deliver them.



            While the PA sends the world "messages of peace" via its English-language spokespersons, it continues to send messages of "Kill and be killed" to its own people. A recent film clip on PA television featured a young bereaved mother as the heroine of incitement. In the film clip, five civilian gunmen, armed with automatic rifles, go off to fight Israelis. One of the gunmen is seen running towards Israeli fire until he attacks the Israelis with a hand grenade, after which, in slow motion, he is shot and falls dead to the ground. When his body is brought to his mother, she kisses him and raises her hand above her mouth and calls out the traditional Arab call of joy. Afterwards, she stoically hands the rifle to the next in line to continue the killing of Israelis. This follows up another clip shown on PA television about a child's farewell letter in which he writes, "Mother, don't cry over me, be joyous over my blood." (PMW)


JERUSALEM REPORT October 10, 2002 4 Cheshvan 5763



On this morning, a crowded Dan Company bus stopped to pick up northbound passengers on the Geha Highway opposite Bar-Ilan University, near Ramat Gan, when - unknowin to the driver – an Arab passenger trying to board the bus through the back doors, slipped and fell on the pavement outside. When the bus began to pull away passengers alerted the driver to what happened. The driver stopped the bus and with a doctor on board, went to attend to the fallen passenger. Approaching the man laying on the ground the two caught a glimpse of something suspicious wrapped around the Arab’s body, which turned out to be an explosives belt. The driver and the doctor then grabbed the bomber’s arms preventing him from detonating his device and screamed for everyone on the bus to flee.

When the bus was cleared the two men let the Arab go and started running away. Seconds later, the bomber ran towards a group of people nearby and detonated his explosives killing himself along with an Israeli woman. 29 others were lightly wounded in the attack. The victims were transported to nearby hospitals. Eyewitnesses say that had the Arab succeeded in boarding the bus, the tragedy would have been catastrophic.[13]

This is surely another answer to prayer that a massive tragedy was avoided. Please pray for the eleven injured and for the family of the Israeli woman who was killed in the attack. The name of the woman murdered in this morning's suicide bombing attack in Tel Aviv is Sa'ada Aaron, 71, from Ramat Gan.

A spontaneous demonstration broke out shortly afterward at the scene of the attack, in support of the present IDF campaign to destroy the terrorist infrastructure in Gaza.


IDF soldiers last night apprehended about 70 wanted Arabs as part of a wide-scale sweep to thwart terror. The majority of the arrests took place in villages in the Ramallah district. In one village, troops discovered and safely detonated a 15-kilogram bomb.

In southern Gaza troops shot and kill two armed Arabs near Rafiach, after the gunmen opened fire on their position. In addition, forces discovered and then destroyed two tunnels used by Arabs to smuggle weapons and ammunition from Egypt into PLO-controlled areas.


An Israeli-Arab father of five is receiving a gift of life from Oded Volak, 51 of Modi'in, whose organs have been donated after he succumbed to a severe head wound sustained from a shooting attack near Hebron. Volak, 51, died on Wednesday night at Hadassah Hospital in Jerusalem's Ein Karem and is to be buried later Thursday in the Sharon area town of Hod Hasharon.

Volak, who worked as a guide for the Jewish National Fund, was described by friends as a fervent believer in reconciliation between Israelis and Palestinians who continued to travel around the West Bank despite the perils of the two-year-old intifada. Four of his organs have been donated to Israelis, including a liver being transplanted to a 55-year-old man from the city of Umm el-Fahm near Afula. The surgery is taking place under the supervision of Dr. Ahmed Eid at Hadassah.

Three other people in the car were wounded in that attack. Volak, the father of two, had worked as a tour guide and lived in Modi'in for several years, according to Rabbi David Lau of Modi'in.



Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat's foreign minister has acknowledged that the PLO National Covenant, with its many clauses calling for violence and the destruction of Israel, has never been changed, reports Dubai newspaper Al Bayan.

The paper quoted Foreign Minister Farouk Kaddoumi in an article earlier this week. The 1993 Oslo accords required Arafat to remove those clauses from the National Covenant. Earlier this year, according to the Zionist Organization of America, a senior official of the Palestine National Council publicly acknowledged that no new version of the Covenant was ever issued. Zuhair Sanduka, the PNC's director of international parliamentary affairs, told the Israeli news agency IMRA on Jan. 23: "No other Charter [Covenant] has indeed been written since [1998]. ... [14]

JERUSALEM REPORT October 11, 2002 5 Cheshvan 5763


More than 60 percent of US Christian conservatives support Israel and its policies according to survey results released this week by Stand for Israel, a project of the International Federation of Christians and Jews. The survey, which was conducted by the Tarrance Group, was designed to determine the extent to which various sub-groups of the US population back Israel. The poll found that 85% of American Jews and more than 50% of Protestants and Catholics also stand behind the Jewish state.

One of the poll's more interesting findings was that support for Israel among Republicans is considerably higher than among Democrats, even though many American Jews identify more closely with the Democratic Party. Among Democrats, just 46% said they supported Israel, as opposed to 67% of Republicans.

The survey also revealed that US President George W. Bush is making significant headway among Jewish voters, with 81% of Jews viewing Bush as a strong supporter of Israel and 46% of them saying they are more likely to vote for him based on the way he is handling the war on terror. Even though Bush garnered less than 20% of the Jewish vote in the 2000 elections, the poll found that 53% of American Jews now have a favorable impression of him.

JERUSALEM REPORT October 14, 2002 8 Cheshvan 5763



Bethlehem district Fatah Tanzim terrorist Mohammad Abayat was killed instantly in Beit-Jalla yesterday, when the public telephone he was using exploded against his head. Abayat was one of the wanted Arabs who took Christian clergy members hostage and forced a standoff at Bethlehem’s Church of the Nativity this past April. While the PLO accuses Israel of booby-trapping Abayat’s phone, the IDF has not commented on the incident.

Several other members of the Abayat family are known terrorists. Mohammad’s brother Nasser is the current Tanzim chief in Bethlehem, while Abayat’s cousin Ibrahim – another Tanzim terrorist holed up at the Church of the Nativity - was deported to Europe at the standoff’s conclusion. Two other terrorists from the Abayat clan were killed by Israel in precise military strikes over the past several years.[15]

Reports from Jerusalem Oct 16, 2002 ~ Cheshvan 10, 5763



Police briefly detained Sheikh Ikrema Sabri, the Islamic mufti of Jerusalem, questioning him on suspicion of incitement over a recent interview he gave to a Palestinian newspaper in which he allegedly condoned suicide bombings. Sabri, who has already been indicted on a previous charge of incitement, has a long record of extremist remarks against Israel, including praising attacks on Jews and extolling Palestinian suicide bombers as martyrs.

In a June 1 interview with Al-Ayam, considered the mouthpiece of the Palestinian Authority, Sabri called the nearly 80 Palestinian suicide bombings that have killed hundreds over the last two years "legitimate acts of self-defense against Zionist occupation," police said. The PA appointee also reportedly asserted that there is no religious law against suicide bombings. Sabri had been previously detained in September 2001 and questioned about a sermon he delivered at Jerusalem’s Al-Aksa Mosque the previous month, in which he reportedly said Allah would help bring about the destruction of Israel, the US, and the UK.

 (Jerusalem Post)



Border police officers arrested two Palestinian terrorists and discovered a bomb-making facility in the West Bank yesterday. They carried out the arrests in Kabatya. One of the men captured was behind a suicide-bombing attempt, in the Umm El-Fahm area of northern Israel. The second reportedly told his investigators he was a master bomb-maker and had prepared explosive belts for suicide bombers. He said he had decided that he too would be a suicide bomber in the upcoming weeks. He told security officials the whereabouts of his bomb-making plant, which they then found and destroyed. Both men are members of Islamic Jihad.

 Israeli army sappers successfully neutralized a double bomb by Israeli homes in the Gaza Strip last night. The two devices had been tied together and weighed a total 350 pounds.[16]






JERUSALEM REPORTs October 18, 2002 12 Cheshvan 5763



The Hizbollah terrorist organization is trying to obtain ground to ground missiles with a range of 300 kilometers that could hit anywhere in Israel north of Be'erSheva. The group currently has Fajr 5missiles that can reach as far as Haifa in the north of Israel and the Israeli source who spoke with American media said the situation on the northern border is 'very dangerous. If attacked, Israel will respond 'proportionately', the source stated.


IDF forces have arrested the murderer of five Jews in the Southern Hevron Hills area. Among his victims were the parents of nine orphans, Rabbi Yosef and Chana Dickstein. Naji Taleb was arrested last night in the hostile village of Yata, near Hevron. On July 26th, Taleb murdered Sgt. Elazar Leibowitz, 21, of Hevron, who was driving north, and then turned his attention to a van driving south carrying most of the Dickstein family. He shot several times into the vehicle, killing Mrs. Dickstein and her nine-year-old son Shuvael, then shot the weeping Rabbi Dickstein who had gotten out of the car to plead for his family's lives. Just last week, Taleb acted again, murdering Modiin resident Oded Volk, 51, in the same area.

Tzvi Yehuda Dickstein, 21, the oldest son and brother of the remaining orphans, told Arutz-7 this morning that the murderer's arrest is not much comfort: "I don't expect the State to mete out the appropriate punishment..." He said, however, that he does see the arrest of his parents' murderer as "the closing of a circle."

JERUSALEM REPORT October 20, 2002 14 Cheshvan 5763



According to media sources, following an early morning meeting with senior security officials, including the Defense Minister, the Chief of Staff, and high level intelligence personnel, Prime Minister Ariel Sharon has personally given the green light to Defense Minister Binyamin (Fuad) ben Eliezer's program to "thin out" armed forces in Hebron. This completes the program called "Judea First" by which Israeli security forces were removed from so-called 'Palestinian cities' in Judea, south of Jerusalem, including Bethlehem.[17]

In the coming hours, the Israeli army is expected to almost totally withdraw from the Arafat-controlled areas of Hebron, excepting the two hills above Hebron's Jewish neighborhoods, Abu Sneneh and Harat a'Shech. Israeli forces will also cease all security patrols and operational activities in these areas. According to media sources, Israel will not recognize the authority of "Palestinian police" in the areas to be evacuated, approximately 80% of the city, and will reenter whenever they deem necessary.

Understandibly, this is very frightening for the Jewish community of Hebron which has already suffered so much terrorism. Please keep them in your prayers.


Once again the weekend was filled with terror attacks, few of which were reported internationally. This is just a partial list: Four soldiers were injured, one moderately, when they were trying to defuse a bomb in the Balata refugee camp. Palestinians detonated a bomb and opened fire at a group of soldiers in the Jenin area. A terror cell approached Israeli homes at Morag in the Gaza Strip. They opened fire. Soldiers guarding the villagers returned fire. Terrorists fired a missile over the Green Line from Gaza. It landed just outside kibbutz Alumim.


JERUSALEM REPORT October 21, 2002 15 Cheshvan 5763


It is nearly 9:00 pm now in Israel and the latest news report is that 13 people were killed a few hours ago in the terror attack near Hadera and more than 50 are injured. The bus itself is just a burned out shell.

Islamic Jihad has claimed responsibility for the attack.

Jerusalem Report Oct 23, 2002 ~ Cheshvan 17, 5763



The Islamic Jihad movement now says it favors car bombs that are far more powerful than the small explosive charges used by suicide bombers. In Monday's attack, 14 people were murdered near the northern town of Hadera. Islamic Jihad's tactic is a response to the tough security measures Israel has taken against suicide bombers who strike on foot, and it has the potential to greatly increase Israeli casualties. Islamic Jihad, which doesn't recognize Israel's right to exist, has carried out dozens of attacks in the past two years, along with other suicide bombing groups, Hamas and the Al Aqsa Martyrs Brigades. (AP)



Last week a seven year old Gypsy child died, his throat cut of as well as his stomach, and stabbed in different parts of his body by a 27 year old Arab man, father of two children, living in the same neighborhood. He said that he wanted to kill all Gypsy children. This event only made two lines in the Arabic newspaper. Most Gypsy people live in a very poor district of Jerusalem’s Old City. The young boy was living with his family in the cave of an old building in the Old City). (EWN)





Egypt has concluded what it called a "major military exercise" in the Sinai Peninsula. Middle East News Line (MENL) reports that the 10-day exercise was conducted by the Third Army in southern Sinai, and was meant to determine combat skills and integrate new weaponry and systems for Egypt's ground forces. The exercise, the second in the Sinai peninsula over the last three months, was attended by Defense Minister Hussein Tantawi and other senior Egyptian officials.

Dr. Aryeh Stav, Director of the Ariel Center for Policy Research, told Arutz-7 several months ago,"I head a center that takes a long-range, strategic view. Egypt is one of the poorest nations in the world, yet it spends 20% of its budget on re-arming. It has one of the largest armies in the world, with 450,000 soldiers, and another 400,000 in auxiliary frameworks, and is outfitted with some of the most modern weaponry. It has no viable enemies anywhere else, and therefore the conclusion is that this army is being built up to fight a war against Israel. They announce this openly: Tantawi said recently that the army is preparing for the fight with the 'Zionist enemy.'" [19]


An IDF officer is one of 11 non-Jewish citizens under arrest on suspicion of spying for Hizbullah in exchange for drugs and money, security officials announced Wednesday. The ring, which was uncovered earlier this year by a joint Shin Bet, police, and IDF task force, was active for 18 months and is considered to be one of the most serious to be uncovered in recent years.

In exchange for hundreds of kilos of drugs and tens of thousands of dollars, the suspects allegedly provided Hizbullah officials in Lebanon with secret IDF information, including troop and tank deployments along the northern border, classified maps of the North, and information about the movements and whereabouts of area commanders in an apparent effort by Hizbullah to determine the feasibility of their assassination.

A court gag order, which was partially lifted Wednesday afternoon, still prevents the publication of the suspects' names and their ethnicity but there aren'e many options - if they are non-Jewish, they must be Arab Israelis.

The suspects in the case will be indicted starting Thursday, with the officer expected to be charged in a special military court at the Defense Ministry in Tel Aviv, while the remaining suspects, who are all civilians, will be arraigned in Nazareth District Court, further indicating that they are Arabs since Nazareth is predominantly an Arab town.


JERUSALEM REPORT October 25, 2002 19 Cheshvan 5763



                A senior Palestinian official blasted the bilateral talks between Foreign Minister Shimon Peres and top PA negotiator Saeb Erekat Friday as "a waste of time," adding that there is no point in any further talks. [20]

The official, who was part of the Palestinian delegation at the Thursday night's talks, said that the meetings "were not efficient, so there is absolutely no points continuing [with them]."

The official, speaking on condition of anonymity, said that "there has not been an inch of progress," and blamed the impasse on Prime Minister Ariel Sharon. "Without a withdrawal from Hebron and the other Palestinian areas, there can be no talks," said the official, adding that an Israeli pullback seemed unlikely under current conditions.


JERUSALEM REPORTs October 26, 2002 20 Cheshvan 5763



Three Jews imprisoned in Iran over three years ago on charges of spying for Israel have been released; five others remain in prison. Javid Beit Yakov, 42, sentenced to nine years in prison, and Judaism teachers Farzad Kashi, 32, and Shahrokh Paknahad, 24, who received eight-year sentences, were released yesterday. Israel has consistently denied that the men had spied on its behalf. American and Israeli advocates for the prisoners refused to comment on the release, so as not to "rock the boat" regarding prospects for obtaining freedom for the remaining prisoners. [21]

The eight were arrested in early 1999 together with five others; three were found innocent, and two others have been released after serving their sentences. Iranian-born President Moshe Katzav said recently that efforts are being made to find out the fate of 13 other Iranian Jews who have not been heard from since they were arrested while trying to escape the country. Less than 25,000 Jews remain in Iran today, compared to about 100,000 before 1979.



Israeli journalist Gideon Cotes was nearly attacked by a group of Lebanese journalists this week in Beirut. Cotes, who also carries a French passport, was recognized by a Lebanese TV cameraman after he appeared on Israeli television. He was not allowed to "carry out any media activity and is prevented from entering the press center."

The Czech Police announced that earlier this week, a Jewish cemetery in the southwest of the country was vandalized. Five gravestones were toppled, five copper lights were stolen, and two Hebrew plaques were removed.

MEMRI reports that a book by Syrian Defense Minister Mustafa Tlass, which presents the Damascus blood libel of 1840 as a “historical fact," enjoyed high popularity at the international book fair held in Damascus. Due to the large demand, the Tlass publishing house decided to publish its eighth reprint of the book in Arabic, and to publish it in other languages as well, such as English, French, and Italian.


 Hizbullah leader Sheikh Hassan Nasrallah has accused US Christian supporters of Israel of hatching a "plot" to liquidate the Arabs and driving them into exile, the Beirut Daily Star reported Wednesday. Speaking at a graduation ceremony, Nasrallah said that "Christian Zionists" are gaining strength in the US and that they have a powerful impact on US foreign policy. Christian groups in America, he said, are financed by oil companies and weapons firms, and seek to encourage Jews to move to Israel and rebuild the temple in Jerusalem. However, he said, "if they all gather in Israel, it will save us the trouble of going after them worldwide." (By Michael Freund, Jerusalem Post, October 24, 02)

Can there be an doubt that terrorist intentions are to wipe out Israel and the Jewish people? The very leader of Hizbollah says so!!! How dare he think he will 'take advantage' of what Zionists have done to be a part of fulfilling prophecy and 'use it' to his own advantage? He who keeps Israel neither slumbers nor sleeps....Nasrallah is in for a surprise! [22]


JERUSALEM REPORTs October 28, 2002 22 Cheshvan 5763



At least one would-be suicide bomber was apprehended as part of the Israeli Army’s latest anti-terror campaign that is being called “Operation Vanguard.” Jenin is the primary target of the effort that has so far resulted in the arrest of thirty terrorists, many of whom are on Israel’s most wanted list.

Troops have taken control of a number of buildings in Jenin while searching for suspects and arms. An army spokesman explained that the tactic of merely surrounding the city had proved to be ineffective, with Hamas and Islamic Jihad continuing to organize and launch terror attacks from within the circle of Israeli troops. Among those attacks was last week’s Hadera car bombing that left 14 dead and scores injured. At the same time, Israel has withdrawn its troops from the Arab sections of Hebron, to the alarm of Hebron’s Jewish community.

 Israel Radio reported that Israel has apprehended some 175 would be suicide bombers, including a number of women.[23]



Three soldiers were killed in the gas station outside Ariel late this morning when a human bomb blew himself up close to a group of soldiers. The Palestinian terrorist was spotted before the explosion, some soldiers wrestled with him, and one or two even shot him - but he still managed to detonate his bomb. Other accounts say that the soldiers' shots blew up the explosives, or that they went off when he hit the ground; an army investigation is underway. Police officials said that an even larger tragedy was averted by the alertness of guards in the area.

 One eyewitness in a car said that he saw five soldiers "jumping on someone, and people started yelling and arguing, 'Kill him! Don’t kill him!' It took about a minute and a half, [a bunch of soldiers] had their rifles out... They tried to get the terrorist away, to get his arms in the air [away from the detonator switch], and finally one of them shot from a meter away, and then there was an explosion. All my car windows blew out onto me - it was horrific." Another eyewitness said that the terrorist blew himself up some 15 meters from the gas pumps, and that his body caught fire, which bystanders quickly extinguished. About 20 people were wounded, including three who are listed in serious condition.

 Ariel, one of the largest towns in Yesha with about 20,000 residents, is located in central Shomron, less than 20 miles east of Tel Aviv. The murderer was later reported to be a 19-year-old resident of Shechem, about eight miles northeast of Ariel. Arutz-7's Kobi Finkler reported today in the name of IDF sources that the attack was enabled by the decision to ease security measures in the vicinity, and that "each time security measures are eased, it is exploited by the Palestinians for terrorist attacks."

Reports are that a much greater disaster was prevented by the alert action of Menachem and other witnesses in the area.[24] The bomber appears to have been heading into the restaurant but was prevented from doing so.

  Regarding the dead soldiers, one was 22 and single, the second left a widow with five children and the third had three children.


Jerusalem Reports 30 Oct 2002 ~ 24 Cheshvan 5763



            Business was as usual in Ramallah, as the Palestinian Legislative Council gathered in Palestinian Authority Chairman Yasser Arafat's compound for a vote of confidence on the new PA cabinet.

Shopkeepers, students, and drivers appeared indifferent to the drama. Dalia, a young girl in a blue-and-white school uniform, said she was disappointed when she heard the news that Arafat had kept most of the "corrupt" ministers in their jobs. "Everyone is unhappy because we want to get rid of corrupt officials who are stealing the money of our people," she said. "The people here are paying the price, while senior officials are stealing millions."

The owner of a shoe store burst into laughter when asked what he thought of the changes. "Which changes are you talking about?" he asked as a customer nodded in agreement. "You must be joking. It's all like being in a theater." One young man, Jamal, said, "It's a pity that the PA cabinet doesn't consist of new and young faces. Why do we always get the same people? Why are people afraid to say that they are fed up with this play?"                                                  (Jerusalem Post)



Despite the protests of Jewish groups from all over the Western world, Egyptian Television has announced that during the upcoming month of Ramadan, it will begin airing a 14-part series called "A Rider Without a Horse." The series is based on "The Protocols of the Elders of Zion," the anti-Semitic booklet from 1905 written and distributed by the secret police of Russian Czar Nicholas II, which describes a purported Jewish plot to take over the world. The series describes the efforts of an Egyptian journalist to "verify the truth" of the Protocols and, its producers say, their star discovers a "Zionist plot to take over Palestine."

Coincidentally or not, the hottest item at this month's international book fair in Damascus is a book by Syrian Defense Minister Mustafa Tlas. The book, "The Matza of Zion," uses a routine libel: the Jews use the blood of a Muslim child to bake matzas for Passover. The origins of both libels and the fact that Arab governments are disseminating them are indications of a dangerous escalation of anti-Semitism in the Arab world. Jewish organizations are increasingly concerned about the fact that even countries that reject Muslim fundamentalism are promoting the anti-Semitic incitement being distributed by reactionary states such as Saudi Arabia. (Haaretz)



One day after 14 Israelis were killed in by Islamic Jihad terrorists and a week after Canadian Prime Minister Jean Chretien addressed a Beirut summit that included Hizb'Allah leader Shiekh Hassan Nasrallah in the front row of the audience, human rights lawyer and Member of Parliament Irwin Cotler urged Canada to put Hizb'Allah, Hamas and Islamic Jihad on its 'List of Terrorist Entities.'

Hizb'Allah is currently allowed to raise money in Canada for its social services network, which runs schools and clinics in Lebanon. At the same time, Magen David Adom faces a threat from across the Atlantic Ocean. The CCRA (Canada Customs and Revenue Agency) has announced plans to shut down Canadian MDA. This will close off an important avenue by which Canadians can donate ambulances and medical equipment/supplies directly to the MDA. "At a time when Israel is in dire need of ambulances and medical supplies," concerned citizens have started a campaign to lobby the Canadian government not to close the CMDA. More information can be had by writing to (TNS)




Finland refuses to sell to Israel what are considered to be the best gas-detection kits in the world, despite widespread evaluations that Iraq may attack Israel with poison chemical weapons. The computerized kits accurately identify chemical warfare materials, but Finland claims that the European Union forbids the export of dual-use equipment to countries in conflict.

A speech by Finnish Foreign Minister Erkki Tuominioja provides some "background" to the decision, however. "I am appalled at the Israeli policy of suppression, humiliation, subordination and impoverishment towards the Palestinians," he said, revealing what could be Finland's true feelings about Israel. Tuominioja's e-mail address is (Arutz 7)



            Reminiscing on her four-year tenure at the United Nations under Ronald Reagan, former US Ambassador to the UN Jeane Kirkpatrick said this week that while serving at the international body, "I felt for the first time in my life that I could understand how the Holocaust happened."

Kirkpatrick, who headed the US mission to the UN from 1981-85, criticized the UN's "nearly unbelievably insulting and outrageous" treatment of Israel during a keynote speech at the Zionist Organization of America 2002 Justice Louis D. Brandeis Award Dinner, held Sunday evening in New York. "The United Nations hasn't really improved much in the years since I was there, and it hasn't really improved much at all with respect to Israel," said Kirkpatrick.

She said that when she first began attending Security Council and General Assembly sessions as America's ambassador, "I was very deeply shocked by the simple anti-Semitism that pervaded the place." The anti-Semitism and anti-Israel sentiment she was exposed to at the world body was "mysterious," and "very, very strange," she said. "We need to speak out about the calumny spoken at the UN," she said, noting that in addition to condemning anti-Jewish hatred emanating from Arab countries, Western European nations, such as France, should be taken to task for failing to halt anti-Semitism at home. "We must tell the truth. We must tell the world about what happens that is dangerous to the people of Israel and the Jews of the world." Kirkpatrick praised Israel for taking risks for peace numerous times during its half-century history. "The state of Israel has taken more risks for peace than any state in the world, and has received very few rewards for those risks for peace," she said. ZOA president Morton Klein made the case against the creation of a Palestinian state in his speech. "If a Palestinian state is established, it will be the first time in history that a state is established not to benefit the people of that state but to destroy another state," he said.     (J P)


JERUSALEM REPORTs October 31, 2002 25 Cheshvan 5763



            Egyptian-born historian Bat Ye'or and her husband, David Littman, have been making the rounds of several campuses this month to lecture on "dhimmitude," a word she coined to describe the status of Christians and Jews under Islamic governments. Muslims have visited exile, persecution, deportations, massacres and other humiliations on non-Muslims for almost 1,400 years, she has told students at Georgetown, Brown, Yale and Brandeis universities. Muslim armies steamrolled over North Africa, the Middle East and Spain for five centuries after the death of Muhammad in 632, says Bat Ye'or, a pen name meaning "daughter of the Nile."

In her two most recent books, "Islam and Dhimmitude" and "The Decline of Eastern Christianity Under Islam," she describes how magnificent basilicas and monasteries of Egypt, Syria and Mesopotamia were left in smoking ruins by Muslims from the eighth to 10th centuries. Spain, she says, was pillaged and devastated many times: Zamora in 981, Barcelona in 987, Santiago de Compostela in 997. In 1000, Castile was ravaged, its Christian population either killed or enslaved and deported. In 1096, Pope Urban II set the Crusades in motion by calling on Christians to take back the conquered lands. The golden age of Muslim rule in Spain from the eighth to the 15th century was largely myth, Bat Ye'or says, and dhimmitude is in effect today in Islamic-ruled Iran, Pakistan, Sudan, parts of Indonesia and northern Nigeria.

 Bat Ye'or has had hearings in some quarters, including her 1997 and 2001 appearances before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee and the Congressional Human Rights Caucus. But many of the 70 students attending her Oct. 15 lecture at Georgetown University on "The Ideology of Jihad, Dhimmitude and Human Rights" walked out. Julia Segall, president of the Georgetown Israel Alliance, and Daniel Spector, president of the Jewish Student Alliance, called the lecture a "disaster" in Friday's edition of Hoya, a student newspaper. Bat Ye'or and Mr. Littman "made no effort to make a clear distinction between pure, harmonious Islam and the acts of a few who falsely claim to act in the name of Islam," they wrote. (NOTE: This is PRECISELY the point - it's NOT a 'few' and too many refuse to accept that proven historical fact.)

 Bat Ye'or also was criticized by some but Paul Marshall, a senior fellow at the Center for Religious Freedom, said Bat Ye'or's research into Turkish, Persian and Arabic documents dating back to the eighth century has not been contested. "What's notable is [various academics] don't attempt to refute her work, which is scholarly and documented," he said. "Those who oppose it owe it to her to engage her work at the scholarly level, which it deserves."




            It is my hope that the material I have brought together in this format will serve to increase both the reader's understanding and insight into the terrorism threat as it effects Israel. Chronicling the information in this particular month, I had to restrain myself from broadening the subject to include threats to Jews and Christians around the world. This was done imperfectly because it is impossible to display the terrorism threat to Israel without showing from time to time that others, especially the United States have a vested interest in the same threat that is focused at Israel.

            This booklet is unlike the first booklet produced presenting a month of terrorism in Israel, because instead of a focus on the chain of terrorism itself, the chain of terrorist related actions was recorded. This should have showed a bit of how the system of evil is contributed to by people who either do not understand what they are doing or are intentionally antagonistic to Israel. It is my earnest desire that the reader benefited from taking the time to work their way through it.










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Arnold Beichman, Hoover Institution

[2] The Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI) does some translation of mosque messages.                        1.

[3] One of the things I will have to grant to the Imams is that they do recognize a movement to combine religions in some of their diatribes.  The problem is that like too many Christian preachers they do not realize the purpose is to facilitate the formation of a One World Order.


[4] This movement, which the Sheik got just about right is another part of the plan to incorporate everyone into a New World Order. The lie in his address is that he U.N. Secretary General has any love for the Jew or the Christian.


[5] It is important to note that this writer has his ties both in Israel and America as do so many. That he has a love for both countries and a true insight into the situation make his comments of greater value.


[6] We should ask Colin Powell and our own United States government what right do they have to talk about concessions to be made with the sovereign territory of another nation? Then we should ask them if they do not fear God since all of the land in question is promised to the Jewish descendants of Abraham?


[7] Unfortunately civilian casualties are an unavoidable bi-product when military action is required in built  up areas.


[8] In other words, by the grace of God, they were able to stop further terrorism on the part of these people at least.


[9] There has never been any country in the world that has been more conscientious about trying to not harm innocent civilians than Israel. Such statements coming out of the mouths of people who are supposed to represent the U.S. not only appears hypocritical, but also has the character of giving aid and comfort to the cause of their enemies and outs.


[10] After the first female suicide bomber Mrs. Arafat (originally of American origin) was asked if she would be willing to give her daughter as a suicide bomber? It is reported she had a very negative reaction.


[11] This is the fruit of Colin Powell's words cited on page 5 of our text. Isn't it interesting how little attention was given to it in the American media?


[12] This article evokes memories of the film propaganda showing the funeral of a young Palestinian. Unfortunately they dropped him off the stretcher he was on, and he had to jump up an climb back on it.


[13] People will ask why the men holding the Arab did not disable the explosives belt instead of leaving the man free to wound others.  These things are often set up to explode if an attempt is made to disable them. The PLO has to keep even the suicide bombers from changing their minds.


[14] The importance of this article is that it does go to show how completely dishonest the Palestinian Authority and its leader Yasser Arafat are. In fact, I


 will go one step farther and say that it is impossible to deal in good faith with any Moslem state because of the teachings of their holy book on relationships with non-Muslims.

[15] It is interesting to note how many terrorist leaders themselves die violently.


[16] This would have done a tremendous amount of damage and possibly killed quite a number of men, women, and children on purpose. The same thing they condemn Israelis for when it happens with them accidentally.



[17] Political pressures increase the danger level not only for Jewish citizens, but also for Palestinians who desire a peaceful life. When the IDF is withdrawn, there is little to restrain the thugs.


[18] American media by the clever use of words often make it sound like things are quieting down in Israel. They are disingenuous when they say there has been no bombing in Jerusalem in a certain length of time when there are daily attacks in other places.


[19] Though a peace treaty was supposed to have been concluded with Israel by Egypt they plainly do not intend to keep their word. Though this is not terrorism directly, which is the subject of their booklet, the threat they pose keeps the stress of the situation upon Israel's citizens.


[20] I agree  with this official's opinion. They accomplish nothing beneficial for the Jewish people and lend comfort and support to the Palestinian Terrorist organizations whose chief leader is Yasser Arafat. It is time to deal with these people as the criminals they are.


[21] False charges of spying are an old Soviet ploy that is very familiar to the leaders in Iran, many of whom received training through that system.


[22] Hizbullah leader Sheikh Hassan Nasrallah accuses US Christian supporters of Israel of hatching a "plot" to liquidate the Arabs and encourage Jews to move to Israel - but he is not worried. "If they [the Jews] all gather in Israel, it will save us the trouble of going after them worldwide," Nasrallah said, according to the Beirut Daily Star.

[23] The Palestinian leadership understands that the use of women as terrorist bombers is particularly distasteful to Western sensibilities. They hope that this will increase Western pressure on Israel to make concessions to the Arabs that will eventually end in their destruction.


[24] Menachem, the owner of the local hotel, a friendly and helpful fellow, was severely injured. His wife Tova was badly injured in the bombing of his hotel's lobby several months ago. At that time requests for prayer for her went out to Christians around the world.


[25] Sxcerpts from an article by Julia Duin, appearing in The Washington Times on October 30, 2002.