Ordination Service

Order of service for ordaining a minister:


At the Opening

            1. Song(s)

            2. Welcome and Prayer

            3. Declare church in conference

            4. Moderator states purpose of the call to conference

            5. Modereratot requests a council be formed for purpose of minister ordination

            6. Motion that council be formed composed of ordained pastors and deacons present.

            7. Request for all ordained pastors, deacons to assemble in designated area.


In the Council Meeting

            1. Prayer

            2. Pastor of ordaining church presides until moderator elected.

            3. Election of moderator.

            4. Election of clerk

            5. Election of mouthpiece, mouthpiece examiner, Bible and Certifificate

            presenter, prayer of the ordination prayer, and giver of the benediction.

            6. Go over order of program, instruct council in motions, seating, etc.


In the Ordination Service With Elected Moderator Presiding:

            1. Song and Prayer

            2. Moderator ask for motion from ordaining church that candidate be "turned

            over" to council for the purpose of ordination. Second and vote.

            3. Mouthpiece examined by mouthpiece examiner as to fitness of candidate to

            be ordained

            4. Song (optional)

            5. Candidate questioned on Articles of Faith

            6. Charge to the Church       /   May be done together

            7. Charge to the Candidate /     by one person

            8. Ordination Sermon

            9. Ordination Prayer and Laying On of Hands

            10. Presentation of Bible and Ordination Certificate

            11. Motion from council to turn candidate back to the church as an ordained minister.

            12. Motion from church to receive candidate as an ordained minister.

            13. Motion to dissolve council

            14. Right hand of fellowship.

            15. Motion to adjourn conference

            16. Benediction

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